Mark Miyaoka is the founder of TERA Solutions. Prior to TERA Solutions, Mark was the CEO of TerraData GeoSciences (TDGeo), where he promoted the concept of millions of migrations. At Resolve GeoSciences, Inc., Mark developed innovative ways to apply 3D seismic multi-attribute responses to solve a variety of exploration challenges.  At Rock Solid Images, Mark was actively involved with Rock Physics Diagnostics and 3D seismic Pre-Stack Simultaneous Elastic Inversions to discriminate fluids as well as identify hydrocarbon potentials.  At SeisLink Corporation, (a spinoff from Unocal), Mark was involved with 3D seismic Velocity Modeling, Pre-Stack Depth Migrations and Reflection Tomography. Mark graduated from University of Los Angles California (UCLA Computer Engineering, 1986), and developed imaging systems for Northrop and Lockheed prior to joining Unocal in 1993. At Unocal, Mark served in a variety of corporate positions, and relocated to Houston in 1995 with Unocal’s Exploration and Production Technology (E&PT) group.